The festive season comes with increased anticipation for consumers and businesses alike, everyone is looking forward to what the season brings.

For businesses, no matter the industry, it is important to ensure that your business is ready in the event of a potential avalanche of demand which could happen at any time in the run up to the big day.

To ensure that you’re able to handle the sudden influx of orders as the season nears, you need an efficient Logistics partner.

Logistics is a crucial part of today’s supply chain for all businesses to save time, money, and resources. Choosing one that directly meets and satisfies your needs can be a tedious task.

To pick the right logistics company for your business, the first responsibility lies with you. You must outline-



Take a pen and paper to note down the areas in your business where you need logistics services.

  • Do you have a particular time for delivery?
  • Do you need a warehouse to store products?
  • Do you have large products to ship in or out?
  • Do you ship your products locally, nationally, or internationally?


These and more are questions you must answer to determine the logistics company you need. For example, imagine that you have an e-commerce store where you sell chandeliers. You’ll need a warehouse to store your products, and because your products are very fragile, shipment must be handled with a lot of care. Answering these questions will determine your needs and which logistics partner is the right fit for you and your business.



Now, you must find out the area of expertise of your assumed logistics partner. How? Go through each service area listed on the logistics company’s website. Pick only the logistics company that has knowledge of your specific target area and offers the service you need. This will help you get faster service and efficient movement and delivery of your goods.



There are a lot of credible review websites on the internet that you can consult to confirm the reliability of a logistics service provider in your community. Word of mouth recommendations from friends, coworkers, and industry professionals will also help you make the right choice.



The key to picking the perfect logistics company is knowing how they treat their customers. Checking if they respond to queries on time, especially on Social media will help you know how fast your queries will be resolved.

Note that regardless of the affordable service that a delivery company offers, customer service is key as it will help to increase your sales and brand recognition.  Consider the cash you may lose if your orders are late by weeks with no explanation as to when you will receive them or the location of your goods.



The safety, security, and protection of your goods are paramount in choosing the perfect logistics partner.

A good logistics partner should provide insurance that covers damages and theft of your goods even when caused by third parties.

Also, ensure you check and read all the documentation of said insurance to understand if a company will really payout and how long it takes for the insurance cover to take care of all losses incurred.



It is a competitive market. You will find a wide range of offers and different pricing structures both – low and high.

Endeavour to choose a logistics provider that has a very transparent pricing policy, not one that provides offers with hidden charges.

Although price is important, it is not the only factor to consider here. Choosing a company with a cheap but poor logistics solution will destroy your business.

Companies with extremely low prices are often less reliable. The more reason why you should go through the previous tips before you consider working with a low-price logistics company.

Finally, investing in a logistics partner that will match your needs, provides top-notch customer experience, and enhances your brand image, is the best investment you can make to reach new heights in your business.

Smash Logistics is that right partner, at Smash logistics, we insure your deliveries against damage or theft at no extra charge. Under our package insurance program- a signature social responsibility program, which is the first of its kind in the Nigerian logistics industry.

Smash Logistics riders are punctual, polite and experienced with unsurpassed knowledge of Lagos roads.

Smash Logistics are fully compliant and up to date on all government guidelines, laws and fees. So, you can have one less thing to worry about when you deliver with us.

Become a partner, join the Smash Logistics subscription plan. Schedule a delivery a day in advance and pay just 700 naira to get your packages delivered.

The end of the year rush can be unpredictable. Get ahead of the game, make Smash logistics your partner now.

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Smash logistics is one of Nigeria’s leading supply chain service providers and a subsidiary of Smash group.

We provide excellent and seamless logistics/ delivery services to all our customers.

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